The music suite "Seasons" consists of fifteen movements for violin, clarinet, cello and piano. Furthermore a cello solo: Part 8: Indian Summer II B. Each of the six instrumental parts is printed in separate parts: "Violin 1", "Violin 2", "Clarinet 1", "Clarinet 2", "Cello" and "Piano".

The movements were composed over ten years for two violins, two Bb-clarinets, cello and piano, because my quartet was short of printed music for that particular instrumentation.

The composed music has been thoroughly played and adjusted several times in order to obtain my musical intentions. "Seasons" can be played by most amateur musicians with violins (or transverse flutes), Bb-clarinets, cello (or bassoon) and piano. Most of the movements are written in Bb-major, few in Eb-major and C-major.

The music is suitable for amateur musicians playing together, and as exercise material in music schools. The instrumentation can be varied for instance: Clarinet-clarinet-cello-piano, clarinet-violin-cello-piano, violin-clarinet-cello-piano or violin-violin-cello-piano. Futhermore violins may double clarinets. Finally violins may be replaced by transverse flutes and the cello be replaced by a bassoon.


Bent Hannover - Copenhagen, August 2007